About Us.


We are committed to provide our guests with an exceptional culinary experience that they will never forget

Twist Bar & Lounge is brand-new dining experience in Halifax that offers a unique blend of local and international cuisines, where the art of combining different culinary traditions into unique and delicious dishes is celebrated. TWIST is coming up in the heart of the city, surrounded by the vibrant energy of the downtown area. Our chef Johny has a passion for experimenting with flavors and techniques from around the world, resulting in a menu that fuses elements of Indian, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, and other cuisines into exciting and unexpected combinations. Each dish is crafted with care and creativity, using only the finest ingredients and locally sourced produce. Whether you are a foodie looking for something new and exciting, or simply seeking a memorable dining experience, TWIST promises to take you on a culinary journey like no other. Come join us and discover the magic of fusion cuisine !

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Services Offered

  • Dine in

  • Take-Out

  • Private Parties

  • Delivery

  • Special Events

  • Catering

Restaurant Amenities

  • Free Wifi

  • Live Music

  • Rest Rooms

  • Parking

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